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lisa says on a night like this: [userpic]


August 31st, 2005 (07:34 pm)
current mood: ask again later
current song: lou reed--satellite of love

so i threw my back out.
and then i threw a can of hairspray out the window.

subluxation of the spine is what i have, and for me it involves ten discs in my spine being shoved outta where they normally go. four of these are the result of an old whiplash injury that went untreated three or less years ago.

this means:
it also means extensive and expensive chiropractic treatment.
expensive in you pay for it when you get it and in you need like ten appointments in a row before you can even walk without pain and expensive in when you miss ten hours of work so far because in your back it hurts and oh gosh does it hurt and when the fuck are you going to be able to receive a proper hug again? you don't know. arlen tried to hug you last night and you howled like a wolverine and let out sobs you didn't know you had in the sob bank because it hurt you so bad. that sucked, didn't it? you like hugs.

and if my landlord asks you, i didn't so much in a furious haze of totally being mean hurl a can of hairspray into the dining room-cum-office nook that accidentally hit the golden quail and caused the cheap glass to completely shatter upward and then outward into the ivy and dirt alley just behind my apartment two stories below as i was cleaning lint off the fan and just plum shoved the broom handle through the glass. oops and giggle to the tune of about two hundred-dollars-i-can't-afford?

especially since i, you know, had capital one screw me over YET AGAIN and am now a whopping 1G in debt to the man. i have sixty dollars to buy food and necessities until next friday.

it would sound like life sucks if i didn't totally have three days off starting day after tomorrow. it would sound even more like life sucks if i totally hadn't planned on taking a road trip with a few of my pals to la before realizing oh how broke i am-and-will-be-for-months. if vlad doesn't come home this weekend i'm hitting up my mother for a few bucks for gas and taking off to the berk for three days because:

being with people who aren't content to rot in the capitol city for the rest of their lives has made me even more decided to get the fuck out of here. i like california, it's just everywhere that's not feeling fally and cloudy and gray by the bay by this time a year should really disappear.

what's up, guys, i'm feeling more ambitious in this manic moment.


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: December 11th, 2005 08:08 am (UTC)
december 10, 2005

what's up? you seem to be making everything private-entried or on a filter or something. don't hold out on me lisa! you don't have to do this!!

lauren aka appreciative yet responsible voyeur aka admiring fan

Posted by: the happiest planet beyond the asteroid belt (jovial_planet)
Posted at: December 11th, 2005 08:14 am (UTC)
Re: december 10, 2005

excuse me: i am dumb. i was not logged in, therefore having difficulties that are now resolved. please disregard these asinine comments and proceed as usual.

lauren aka dumb

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