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lisa says on a night like this: [userpic]


October 21st, 2007 (06:00 am)
current mood: amused and sleepy.

since we last spoke i've been driving my friends to parties. the end.
ps i have told them this is unacceptable. i usually spend these parties soberly walking around ducking my shy head in cornerns and waiting until they are all drunk enough that they don't notice me slipping out the door to go to the one place i will voluntarily go these days: safeway. i buy a chocolate milk and watermelon squares and sit on the hood of my car watching lightrails til it's time to go back and gather up my flock of intoxitarded goslings that i might spend the next three hours ushering them to 3 different afterparties where i spend more time in dark corners, drinking disgusting diet soda and ending the evening (if i'm lucky) alone, crashing to sleep at 5-6am, only to wake up &drive back downtown to take someone home from wherever their booty called, or perhaps drive them to work. More often than not i wake up in my clothes at 4pm, mascara streaked across my face and forty-seven missed calls from people, two of them interested in my company, forty from the same three people needing a ride, and five from my mom calling to check on me.

i really LIKE the people i know. i don't believe it's asking too much to spend some time with them that doesn't involve chugging whiskey and potentially even something interesting, productive, and (dear god, what?) FUN, like our old craft nights or painting parties, something more intellectually stimulating than small talk with people whose name is the most exciting thing i know about them. maybe it's over, i've lost all my babies to the party monster.

i need to get a job. now.
that is the only way to get anyone to stop treating me like a very shabby old doormat.
yelling does not work. i tried it already.

they are the sweetest girls in the whole entire world, though.
if they weren't they would have all gone the way of the buffalo (buffalo=jimmy hoffa) long before now.
whoa, what was that? i believe i heard that unfamiliar click of a spine rattling through my organ mass.

that said, i went to a party tonight.
actually managed to have fun until i spotted this:
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the first winner of mtv's "so you wanna be a veejay?" contest,
presumably some heroin dealer's wet dream,
at the party, drunkenly swaying atop the washing machine, begging people not to leave the laundry room, a very nice camera dangling from his wobbly limbs.

eileen: that tall guy looks oddly familiar.
lisa: that's because you saw empire records once ten years ago.
eileen: good call.

these are what girls(/z?) who idolize jesse camp are like:
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to quote someone familiar: "we gotta get outta this place, if it's the la-&ct..."

christy is here. she is oddly self-sufficient as compared to my other kindreds and wonderful (as usual).


Posted by: Danielle (endthisugly)
Posted at: October 22nd, 2007 04:56 pm (UTC)

as far as i can remember, Jesse Camp's "glory days" were preoccupied by my chronic nickelodeon watching. though i guess he deserved a high-five for keeping it as oldschool as he ever kept it. did you see all of his gold chains??

and pee ess:
your less-than-vague references, as pertaining to the past few weekends, are recognized. and not because i just read them. if you're really feeling this way about certain somethings and certain someones, then we need to speak.

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